IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization
27 June–1 July 2022 // Milan, Italy

Social events

To complement the rich technical sessions, workshops, tutorials, and keynotes, we invite you to join our social events.


Tuesday, June 28 (starting at 17:30 or 18:20)

We welcome you on a tour around Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) campus. PoliMi is the largest technical university in Italy with about 42,000 students and offers courses in engineering, architecture, and design. The campus tour is divided into two groups, the first one starting at 17:30 and the second one at 18:20.

After that, we will have a welcome reception at Aula Rogers starting at 19:00.


Wednesday, June 29 (meeting at 18:30)

We welcome you on a tour in the area of Piazza Gae Aulenti, known as the epicenter of Milan’s most modern neighborhood. The tour is reserved to the participants eligible for the social dinner.

After that, we will have our social dinner at the Ratanà restaurant at 20:15.


Thursday, June 30 (meeting at 18:00)

We welcome you on a tour around the city center of Milan to see some of the most iconic and historical areas of Milan.


We strongly encourage you to join us and get a glimpse of the Milanese lifestyle where the modern and old meet.
On the day of the tours, we will send you reminders with the time, meet-up location, and other detailed information. Please refer to the Whova app for further details.

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